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Our Philosophy

Starting and commiting to an exercise program is difficult, but Romans Fitness can push and motiviate you to achieve your goals. Whether you are old or young, an athlete, or you haven't gotten off the couch in years, Romans Fitness can create a program to fit you individually.

Romans Fitness incorporates intelligent training techniques, keeping the safety of the individual top priority. Using biomechanically correct movements, Romans Fitness emphasizes the safety of the client, while driving the client to reach their goals. Effort, intensity and discipline can get you where you want to go, and Romans Fitness can get you there.

Client Testimonials

With Romans Fitness' help, I am much stronger physically. I can carry my 2 year old little girl much further. I don't feel as creaky as I used to, either. After my workouts, I feel so exhilarated by my continued progress. I also realize that if I didn't have Matt as a trainer, I would not have progressed as quickly. Matt pushes me to work harder than I thought I could. I also show up regularly to appointments. I am not tempted to slack off like I did when I trained myself. It is very worth the money.
Kate Lauderdale

I have been working out with Romans Fitness for about six weeks now, and I am very pleased with the steady progress in both my physical and mental well being. I like the Super Slow Training system, because I can get a complete workout in only 30 minutes twice a week. It sounds easy, but it is a full-fleged workout that works.
Hank Jost

I began Super Slow Training with Romans Fitness in May 2002. Personal training with Matt has its benefits for me for several reasons:
1. I am too busy to spend hours at the gym...I work out with Matt twice a week for only 30 minutes per session.
2. I know that without Matt, I will NEVER come to the gym...I don't have the discipline.
3. I want to look fantastic, feel great, and stay strong and healthy...I have never looked or felt better!
4. As a personal trainer, Matt goes the extra mile by offering helpful suggestions about nutrition. He will teach you the biomechanics involved in each exercise by explaining the 'why and why not' and the 'how and how come' of the workout that he will tailor specifically for your needs and skill level. Under Matt and Romans Fitness' persistent guidance and constant direction, you will experience the same results I have.

Stephanie Abraham

Jim Romans of Romans Fitness, LLC. has been my trainer for three months. In that short time, my strength, coordination, and stamina have improved. Jim has helped me to shape my legs and upper body. I have toned up and lost weight.
Jim watches closely to make sure that I use the correct techniques. He is sensitive to my physical make-up and watches for signs of fatigue and overexertion. He is an effective communicator. He is knowledgeable and keeps me well informed by addressing my concerns and answering my questions. Several times he has pulled nutritional and exercise information off the internet for me.
Jim is also a motivator; he gives great feedback and reminds me of my progress. Anyone who works with a trainer needs this positive reinforcement. Most importantly, Jim is professional. He is always on time and stays focused.
Sergio Gregario, Esq.

I started working with Romans Fitness this past winter. Jim is a fabulous trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. Jim works hard to make sure that the workout you receive fits your needs. He is great at encouraging you to stick with your program, even you you feel like giving up (which happened at times with me). He also offers advice and direction on exercising outside of the workouts, as well as advice on nutritional intake. I would high recomend Jim Romans and Romans Fitness to anyone interested in fitness, nutrition, and personal training.
Stacey Smith