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Romans Fitness' personal training programs are customed made to fit the needs of each client. Romans Fitness analyzes your current diet, and will help you design a proper nutritional program to help you achieve your desired results. During your free, 1/2 hour consultation, we will breakdown your expectations, exercise history/experience, as well as any medical issues/concerns. After that we will design a custom-made program based on individual assessments to help you achieve your fitness and performance goals. Romans Fitness provides training at health clubs throughout the Washington Metro Area, as well as training clients in the comfort of their own homes. Hard work, discipline, dedication, and Romans Fitness will make your goals a reality.

Personal Training
Romans Fitness specializes in speed/agility/conditioning training for all types of clients. This includes athletes of various experience and levels.

Are you looking to get in shape for your upcoming season? Maybe you are just looking for a different approach to your normal cardio/aerobic workout. Our speed/agility and conditioning programs can be a wonderful changeup to your normal cardio workout. 

Whether you are trying to improve your 40 yard dash time for the upcoming football season, trying to cut some extra time off your mile time, trying to increase stamina and conditioning for basketball season, Romans Fitness will create an individualized program to help you achieve your max results. 

Romans Fitness' programs will condition you for whatever activity/event you are preparing. Romans Fitness focuses on proper running form and technique which can enable the athlete to improve overall speed as well as agility. Group, team, and one-on-one (1-on-1) sessions available.

Youth & Adolescent Fitness
Romans Fitness offers a unique program designed to improve the fitness levels of today’s youths. The positives of today’s computer friendly societies has led to increasing levels of unfit, obese adults(over 60% of the American population falls into this range). With adult obesity levels soaring, it is only to be expected that youth levels are on the rise as well.

Students are getting less and less activity/exercise and often display the inability/desire to simply 'go out and play'. Romans Fitness offers one on one, as well as small group training to improve the overall fitness and conditioning levels of younger clients, while having fun. 

Sport-Specific Skill Development
Developed for the athlete (or future athlete), Romans Fitness sport –specific skill development programs can help an athlete fine tune specific skills needed to succeed at a desired event. This is a great way to take the athlete to the next level once a proper fitness foundation has been laid.

James is an elementary school physical education teacher who specializes in skill acquisition/development in the student/athlete. James specializes in the sports of football and basketball (as a former coach and athlete in both sports).  

Focusing on agility, footwork, hand/eye coordination, and the biomechanical breakdown of specific skills, our sport tutoring program can be just what your athlete needs to push them to the next level. Remember, anyone can be average, winners strive for greatness. Romans Fitness can help you get there. One-on-one (1-on-1) and small group sessions are available.

Fitness Birthdays

Looking for a change of pace to your typical kids' birthday party? Try Romans Fitness' Fitness Birthdays. James Romans has over 10 years experience as an elementary physical education teacher and brings a wealth of knowledge and excite to create an active and fun way to celebrate a birthday. Fitness Birthdays can be held inside or outside, for smaller groups or larger ones, and have a specific sports or fitness theme. Want more info? Email us at: getfit@romansfitness.com or call us: 301-996-3301.

On-Line Personal Training

Want to have Romans Fitness train you but don’t have the time or the resources for multiple one on one training sessions each week? Have Romans Fitness consult and coach you with On-Line Personal training. Romans Fitness will design individualized workouts, designed specifically to your needs and goals so you can pursue your fitness at your own convenience and at a fraction of the cost of multiple sessions each week. You will also have access to unlimited email contact to help guide you along on your fitness journey. Call or email for more details. 
Nutritional Consulting and Game Planning 
Romans Fitness has been helping individuals improve their nutrition for years. James Romans is a certified sports nutritionist and has for years helped individuals understand their diet and make improvements where necessary. Romans Fitness will analyze your current diet; help you make the necessary changes necessary to reach your fitness and body goals and give you recommendations to put you on your way. Call or email for more details. 

Integrated Flexibility and Deep Tissue Activation:  
This 1.5 hour session combines the standard hour long personal training session and combines it with post-workout advanced flexibility and muscle activation, to help alleviate and improve muscular imbalances, postural dysfunctions and muscular tightness with a variety of flexibility techniques. For more information about this exciting new service, email: getfit@romansfitness.com or call: 301-996-3301.