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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Attitude Truly is Everything           As most people know, I am an elementary physical education teacher, aside from my work in fitness.  I have always said that I have the greatest jobs in the world.  I truly don’t have a job, I go to “school” and help people “move and play” all day long.  When you love what you do, it’s easy to be positive.        

I was recently at an event with several other PE teachers from my area.  Young, old, and some in between—but I was amazed at the majority of the attitudes from my colleagues.  Negativity was everywhere—I know that it may not be as easy for some people to look at the positive side of life, but I was blown away by people’s attitudes.  I am the first to admit that teachers, along with nurses and firefighters, are some of the most underpaid professionals out there, but people were finding any opportunity to complain about everything—the kids, their colleagues, their administrators, the curriculum, the weather—you name it.  

I’m sitting there listening to these comments and just thinking to myself that these people will never get it.  We, as educators have an opportunity everyday to make a difference and impact a life.  I can guarantee you that the kids can feel that negativity even if they can’t put a finger on it.  No one, young or old wants to be around negativity.  So, as I’ve stated before, choose your attitude—don’t let it choose you.  Look at the positives in life and realize when you are positive, life will tend to stay that way for you.

Yours in Health, Fitness and ATTITUDE, 

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